Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Missing people

Do you ever go through these moods where you miss certain people. Yeah I am in one of those moods right now I am missing a certain someone. So yeah For anyone who knows me they know what is happening kinda. So yeah I miss people so I'll just say some stuff like...

Strawberry Milkshakes, Cucumber Tumblers, Magical Potatoes, Instant Cures, August Rush, Hopelessly hopeless, Soft, Toasty, Hott Khocolate, and there's lots of others but I"ll just say those for now.

Second in State

Well Basketball is now over. We got second overall which is pretty good. Got beat in the championship game. But it was a fun season and second is pretty good; I'm happy. I made the allstar team and got first team all state which is pretty much like one of the best five players at the state tournament which is pretty cool. So here are some pics of state from games and the trophy and stuff me with medals and stuff.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Number 1 seed in the west over Stillwater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We beat Stillwater 59-43 the other night!!!!!!!!!!!! It was awesome! We beat them both times we played them this season! That game was so much fun. Everybody was like screaming and yelling. After that game I was hoarse and I was playing! It was pretty much awesome. Especially since we beat them at their home court which is the first time we've done that in like 10 years! It was Amazing!!!!!